Quest Information
Quest giver: ClarenceClarence gives

Barn Cleaning
Feed Babe
Make Friends

Award giver: ClarenceClarence rewards after

Barn Cleaning
Make Friends

Quest giver location: Farmland Award giver location: Farmland
Pre-requirement(s):Complete Feed Babe
Needs to be started for: N/A Leads to: N/A Needs to be completed for: N/A
Start DialogueWell, you've been mighty helpful...I suppose I could put you up to a more serious task, if you'd like to really help me.

I need to do something about all the pests in the barn...they're starting to spook Babe...and when Babe gets spooked...well, let's just say I don't want to build a new barn again.

They're up on the second level, so you'll need to climb up the ladder in the back of the barn.

In progress DialogueJust get rid of all the pests in my barn, and come back to me when you're done. End DialogueLooks like you did it! I' will be nice to not worry about rats and spiders in the barn anymore...I can't remember a time when there was this many!

I wonder if it has anything to do with all the military presence in the area lately? It's hard to even get into town these days!

Oh here..let me give you this...I don't have a use for it, but you might!

Clear out the pests from Clarence's barn.
Clear out all the pests from Clarence's barn.
1 Skill Chant (395)
100 Experience
100 Silver

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