Hidden Quest Information
Quest giver: Twin BoyTwin Boy gives

A Shining Stone
Change of Hart
Collect Crab Shells
Gather Kelp

Award giver: Twin BoyTwin Boy rewards after

A Shining Stone
Change of Hart
Collect Crab Shells
Gather Kelp

Quest giver location: Beach Award giver location: Beach
Pre-requirement(s): N/A Needs to be started for: N/A Leads to: N/A Needs to be completed for: N/A
This Quest has been archived
Intro & Tutorials was removed as part of the Changes v0.939909 update.
Start DialogueToss the bundle at the deer. If he goes for the bait he’ll be as weak as a kitten.

That'll be your chance to get past him.

In progress DialogueDon't worry, we'll keep him distracted with this shiny stone you gave us. Just head up to him and give him our brew. End DialogueIt worked!

My sister told me you were the one. And she’s ever so clever.

We'll stay here with our new friend until it's back on its feet. You go on - the town's right up that path.

You've collected the ingredients for the twins, now it's time to bait the buck!

(Click on the deer to feed it the calming brew, allowing you to climb the stairs up to town.)

(Click on the deer to feed it the brew, allowing you to pass up the stairs to the town portal.)
7 Experience

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