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Release date
Version(s) 0.933p was/were released on 2010-09-07
In game notices
  • Moderator: (from Malkin71) New version uploaded, v0.933p, includes in-game server switching/
  • Moderator: (from Malkin71) Check the forums for other things that were updated:
New content

A lot of loot locations have been changed. All known weapon locations have been removed. All weapons that are for sale will be lootable. The list is not complete yet, see: this forum post for a list of missing weapons or weapons that will be available to farm for at an easier place.

Behavior changes
  • You can now switch server in the options menu. There is a sacred seasons chatango and a log in layout change on
  • Quest Log menu now has a link to: Quests
  • /s Username is no longer supported: Deprecated Commands

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