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Release date
Version(s) 0.9349 was/were released on 2010-10-09
In game notices
  • Moderator: (from Malkin71) Updates will include the new item loot locations, new battle system menus, some mini game fixes, that broken native trails dungeon fix, and level 125 weapons, as well as some other bug fixes and features...
  • Moderator: (from Malkin71) Level 125 weapons are on sale for only 900 gold (regular price is 1000 gold) and they will only be in the store for this weekend, not sure wehn they'll be back after this weekend!
  • Moderator: (from Malkin71) Mini-game is moved to Alezio's House
  • Moderator: (from Malkin71) To answer everyone's questions.... no the ranger is not available yet, and no the lvl 125 weapons are not lootable
New content
  • All loot tables have been updated.

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