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Release date
Version(s) 0.939903 was/were released on 2010-12-06
In game notices
  • Moderator: (from Malkin71) New version v0.939903 has been uploaded with the battle log fix, refresh your browser to get on the new version when you get a chance to
  • This update fixed a lot of lag issues, and some game bugs
  • Moderator: (from Malkin71) The 'zombie bug' (who came up with that name?) should be fixed... this is the bug where dead enemies appear alive...
  • Moderator: (from Malkin71) I've been told the 'zombie bug' was named by lynaevm

The 'zombie bug' got fixed. But sometimes you still need to trigger the death-sequence. This will happen when you move your mouse-pointer over that monster.

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