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Release date
Version(s) 0.94 was/were released on 2011-01-23
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Behavior changes

From the Sacred Seasons froums:

  • Soldiers lost one star in machetes to bring them down to a 0% modifier. In exchange, they gained the ability to use knives and knuckles (both 0 stars).
  • This brings Spring Soldier up to 3 stars with Knuckles, and Winter Soldier up to 2 stars with Knives.
  • Fall Soldiers traded in a star in their cutlass to go towards grenades, raising them to 1 star with this weapon.
  • Guards underwent a dramatic stat change. Their resistance growth was raised to 35%, while their agility growth was lowered to 15%. Their AR was decreased to a 5.5 second timer (from 6.0 seconds).
  • Guards lost the ability to use knifes, lowering the Spring Guard's proficiency to 0 stars. To make up for this downwards shift, they gained one star in Clubs and Axes.
  • Fall Guards went up to 3 stars in both Clubs and Axes, but later traded in a star in Clubs to raise their ability to use knuckles to 1 star.
  • Winter Guards went up to 3 stars in both Clubs and Axes as well, but traded in a point in axes to give them to ability to wield cutlasses more effectively.
  • The Spring Guard lost his knife
  • New main menu
  • New markers indicating NPCs