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Release date
Version(s) 0.94012 was/were released on 2011-02-05
New content
  • NPC Dialogue menus have been updated in appearance.
  • Redoubt Arena is now live.
  • Overgrown Path Arena has been invaded by Lost Souls and Gluttons, increasing its exp.
  • Bravery now grows at a faster rate.
  • The Death and KO statuses now function normally.
  • The notation of Focus skills has been changed to be more accurate.
  • Conceal notation has also been changed to represent the chance you have of being hit in a group of 6 players relative to normal.
  • The growth and potencies of all basic heals (Touch, Pray, Cure) have been reduced, however their cost has been reduced as well.
  • Many heals have had their SP cost reduced, including those of the Summer Witch, the Summer Shaman, and all four Seasons of Priest.
  • The potency of two of the Fall Ranger's skills have been increased. War Cry and Frenzied Strikes are now significantly more powerful.
  • Spring Ranger's Disorient now contains a group Slow component.
  • A variety of Priest skills have been altered in SP costs and function. Notably Vaccine now grants immunity to Inept, Rain Dance has a small Regen component. The costs of most Fall Priests skills have been decreased and Blood Bath is now a group heal. Golden Bear Spirit has had it's potency increased. Eclipse now restores a fair amount of SP to other group members (but not the Priest).