Quest Information
Quest giver: GravediggerGravedigger gives

Chilling Madness
Name Of The Rose

Award giver: GravediggerGravedigger rewards after

Chilling Madness
Name Of The Rose

Quest giver location: Hollow Oak Award giver location: Hollow Oak
Pre-requirement(s):Start Name Of The Rose
Needs to be started for: N/A Leads to:Rare Reagents
Needs to be completed for: N/A
Start DialogueIt seems you’re serious about helping me, then. Very well…I’ll tell you everything. I saw a pack of miscreants pass by last night, heading up to the big oak. Evil looking men, big, hunched over with chins and beards all...wet... with something. They snarled at each other like animals. I tell ye, I was hidden in the shadows as they passed by, but I swear I saw one of them sniff the air and growl towards me like some damn wolf. In progress DialogueIf they seek the treasures within the hollow oak, they must be stopped! The tree is an ancient burial site of a great winter shaman who fell protecting villagers flee the darkness of Lord Root. Powerful spells are locked away inside his burial chamber…if those monsters get ahold of them, it could upset the spiritual balance of the entire area!

Please, do what you can to stop them. If you can defeat their leader, perhaps they will lose their will.

End DialogueAh good…I sensed you stopped them. I’d thank you properly but I am very, very tired, you see.

But here…before I rest, I have a little something I've been holding on to for a great many years. I think it's been waiting for you all this time.'

Now…if you’ll forgive me I must get some sleep...I already feel myself drifting off...

What could those strange men want inside the hollow oak? Whatever it is, they must be stopped or the ragepetal will grow unchecked!
Defeat the bandit leader, George Reed.
Unlocks Overgrown Path.
1 Winter Crest
200 Experience

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