This article will become the list of Classes available, linking to individual pages for each class, as they are revealed. There are a total of 25 classes, with 4 unique versions for each season, a total of 100 classes, each with their own male and female version (except for a few gender exclusive classes, such as Clown and Witch). Once you choose your gender, you are locked in. Classes will be leveled independently for the same character. Starting classes are Soldier, Hunter, Clown (male only) and Witch (female only). You can unlock any available class to complement your initial class at the cost of 100 Gold per class. When you unlock a class you are also given an option to start that class at 1/4, 1/2, or the same level at an additional cost of 10 Goldper level. If you want to transfer as much levels as possible, do the transfer while you are your highest level class at your disposal.Other classes will be unlocked later in the game, some through quests. For information regarding stats and skills please see Attributes and Skills or specific class articles.

Starting Classes

Unlockable Classes

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