General Rules

  • To learn the basics of editing articles, please visit the Help Page.
  • The wiki articles are not a proper place to exchange game opinions or pick arguments with other users.
  • Before updating, have a look at similar articles and try to copy the editing method used in them. That way the articles become consistent and are easier to sort, categorize and browse.
  • Use templates. There's no need to manually choose backgrounds, tables and format all the text. The templates will do that automatically, all you have to do is to input the data in them. If you're not sure how to use a template the above rule applies - copying and pasting a whole template from another page and replacing the data is the easiest way to make everyone happy ;).
  • If you don't feel confident editing or lack wiki experience don't worry - important templates usually have a documentation page which explains how the template works and how to properly edit it.
  • Add a {{stub}} template to articles that require more editing. That way other users can focus on contributing instead of looking for incomplete articles.
  • If you're not sure if the information you are about to add is accurate, don't add it. You can always write about your doubts in the Feedback Section.
  • Some articles, like Skills, contain links to tables that are generated automatically every time a game update is made. All edits made to such tables will get overwritten when an update occurs. If you think those articles could be improved use the Feedback Section to tell us about it.
  • Before doing any major changes like revamping the main page, modifying important templates, removing big chunks of information etc. please contact an Administrator or tell us about your idea in the Feedback Section.
  • The wiki is not a image hosting site or file repository. All files that are not used in articles are subject to deletion. The wiki is also not a social network, please use the talk pages to discuss only wiki related issues.
  • Remember that the Administrators are also normal contributors and players. We do not have any inside knowledge about the game (at least most of us don't ;)), we're not here to answer your game related questions - that's what the wiki itself, game chat or forums are for. We also might not be able to solve all the reported problems/issues right away.