Quest Information
Quest giver: Farmer's Grave MarkerFarmer's Grave Marker gives

Farmer's Fortune

Award giver: Farmer's Grave MarkerFarmer's Grave Marker rewards after

Farmer's Fortune

Quest giver location: Hollow Oak Award giver location: Hollow Oak
Pre-requirement(s): N/A Needs to be started for:Tattered Straw Hat (Quest)
Tattered Straw Hat II (Quest)
Leads to: N/A Needs to be completed for:Wrathful Ragepetal (Quest)
Start DialogueYou can just barely make out the passage inscribed on the ancient marker:

“Here lies those who tiled the earth, their hats and pouches brimmed with mirth. But to the grave they took their tools, and those who move them would be fools.”

In progress Dialogue*You muse over the ancient writings, and observe some of the old hats and seed pouches strewn across the area…maybe they should all be gathered up and returned to this marker? * End Dialogue*as you place the last keepsake on the marker, you hear a deep and collective sigh…and a ground-shaking rumble near the great oak tree in the northeast…perhaps now that these keepsakes are restored the tree has decided to reveal its mysteries to you *
Return the hats and seed pouches to their rightful place.
Return the hats and seed pouches to their rightful place.
200 Experience
200 Silver

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