Quest Information
Quest giver: ClarenceClarence gives

Barn Cleaning
Feed Babe
Make Friends

Award giver: Babe the Big Blue Bull BearBabe the Big Blue Bull Bear rewards after

Feed Babe
Feed Babe 2
Feed Babe 3
Feed Babe 4
Feed Babe 5
Feed Babe 6

Quest giver location: Farmland Award giver location: Farmland
Pre-requirement(s):After starting quest Make Friends: Interact with Babe the Big Blue Bull Bear.
Needs to be started for: N/A Leads to:Barn Cleaning
Needs to be completed for: N/A
Start DialogueOne of Babe's favorite food‘s blue pumpkin. I use't let her out to munch on them occasionally, but Wendy would always be furious with me! Plus with all the newcomers running around I wouldn't want them to get the wrong idea and accidentally pick a fight with poor Babe!

When you collect all 5, just go ahead and toss em over to her!

In progress Dialogue*Babe looks at you and snorts impatiently.* End Dialogue*You toss each pumpkin over to Babe in succession. The giant bull bear catches and swallows the pumpkins whole. When you're done, Babe moos happily.*
Babe really likes those blue pumpkins...but Wendy could also use them for her pies...who will you pick 5 of them for? It's a daunting decision..good thing they *eventually* grow back.
Find 5 blue pumpkins for Babe to munch on.
50 Experience
250 Silver

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