Quest Information
Quest giver: Giant d crab prebattleGiant d crab prebattle gives

Giant Death Crab (Quest)

Award giver: Giant Death CrabGiant Death Crab rewards after

Giant Death Crab (Quest)

Quest giver location: Spring Village Award giver location: Spring Village
Pre-requirement(s): N/A Needs to be started for: N/A Leads to:Removing the Taint
Needs to be completed for:Acidic Liquid (Quest)
Spring Crest Door (Quest)
Start DialogueThe giant death crab stares at you with hollow and hungry eyes...could this be the monster guarding the spring crest?! In progress DialogueCould this hulking beast be guarding the spring crest? Only one way to find out... End DialogueThe giant death crab roars, then tramples away leaving a trail of destruction behind him. Looks like now’s your chance to investigate what lied beneath him.
1 Giant Deathcrab Claw
2,000 Experience

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