Sample Inventory menu with a Totem and Accessory equipped

This article contains general information about equipping, using and looting items. There are five item slots which a player can equip with various items. The weapon slot can be equipped with all the weapons shown in white, unusable weapons are shown in gray. Head and Clothing slots are used for equipping different hairstyles and clothes that change the appearance of a class. Items of those categories are not shown in inventory if the currently used class can't equip them. Totems, equipped in the fourth slot, are items that provide moderate attribute boosts or other traits useful in combat. They can be found in the Items tab of the inventory menu. The last slot can be equipped with accessories or other items available it the Items tab of the inventory menu that are not totems or consumables. Note that some items (e.g. Mermaid's Amulet, Gold Eyepatch) will not be shown in inventory or will be available to view only for certain classes.

Loot Information

There are various items in Sacred Seasons 2 that can be obtained as loot after winning battles. For specific information regarding loot please visit appropriate item articles or general articles, like weapons or totems. Note that not every item in the game can be looted. The Base Drop Rate (as shown in loot tables across the wiki, percentage value) is not the actual drop rate. Use it only as an indication. For the drop rate, it does not matter how many players were in the battle. It only matters, if a pirate is among the survivers. If multiple pirates survive the battle, the loot bonus of the best pirate is used. The Drop rate is calculated for a single monster, regardless of the other monsters in the battle . Drop-rate of 1.00 means 1%, not 100%