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The Labor Day 2012 Event took place from 1 Sep 2012 till 3 Sep 2012 and consisted off:


Item Description Gold Silver Store Sell Silver Sell Gold
Book of Labor +563 Att, +180 Acc, +270 Lck, +10% AR. 4200
Funny Drink 6x normal exp for one battle! Labour Day weekend only 90 50
Labor Club +360 Att, -68 Acc, +135 Lck, +315 Def, +11% AR.

Has a 20% chance to Stun [2 turns].Has a 20% chance to stun [2 turns] target enemy.

Labor Grenade +90 Att, +225 Agil, +135 Lck, -6% AR.

Does 30% splash damage.Does 30% splash damage.

Labor Knife +45 Att, +270 Acc, +270 Agil, -90 Lck, +45 Def, -26% AR 4200


  • 2x exp event.
  • 2x exp event.
  • Nothing ACTIVE

Plimouth Background

Some festivities have been added to the background:

Plimouth Labor

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