Quest Information
Quest giver: Lady Woe prebattleLady Woe prebattle gives

Lady Woe (Quest)

Award giver: Lady Woe (NPC)Lady Woe (NPC) rewards after

Lady Woe (Quest)

Quest giver location: Scrap Yard Award giver location: Scrap Yard
Pre-requirement(s): N/A Needs to be started for: N/A Leads to: N/A Needs to be completed for: N/A
Start DialogueCURSE THOSE INFERNAL MACHINES! No matter...the fall crest is finally within my grasp...??You there...don't act as though I don't see you...I sensed you through my webs before you even entered the tower. You will NOT stop're barely worth the trouble really. In progress DialogueIf you even think of attempting it, my spiders will tear you limb from limb.??On second thought...try me. I've been having a VERY bad day and I could use some stress relief.??? End'll never get away with this...our spiderlings and ravenous will hunt you down, and when they do I'll see to it you enter a world of PAIN! *cough*

(You received the fall crest.)

You'll have to defeat Lady Woe and talk to her again to take the crest from her.
You'll have to defeat Lady Woe and talk to her again to take the crest from her.
Lady Woe (NPC) disappears. Portal to the top floor of the Fall Tower appears.
1 Fall Crest, 1 Woe's Web
100 Experience
100 Silver

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