Lizzie (NPC) Information
Lizzie (NPC)
Location: Plimouth West
Map Plimouth West 0 0 0.png

End: Complete quest Warden deletes after battle quest or complete quest Find The Warden.

Lizzie (NPC)Avatar
Lizzie is in the northwestern part of Plimouth just before the exit to the Beach. Lizzie disappears after defeating the The Warden's Shadow, which is possible after you finished the Supernatural Aid quest. Once Lizzie has disappeared, you cannot start or finish The Shrine's History and Strange Reaction. If you want to finish those, make sure you do it, before Lizzie disappears.
Questgiver for

Lizzie's Introduction  •  Strange Reaction  •  Supernatural Aid  •  The Shrine's History

Awardgiver for

Lizzie's Introduction  •  Strange Reaction  •  Supernatural Aid  •  The Shrine's History

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