Quest Information
Quest giver: Mysterious FigureMysterious Figure gives

Double Agent
Mark Of The Traitor

Award giver: Mysterious FigureMysterious Figure rewards after

Double Agent
Mark Of The Traitor

Quest giver location: Farmland Award giver location: Farmland
Pre-requirement(s):Complete Double Agent
This key is never given out
Needs to be started for: N/A Leads to: N/A Needs to be completed for: N/A
Start DialogueThe time for our sacrifice is close at hand….but our lady's assistant in town grows impatient…she claims that a stranger with great powersss has arrived from the sea and is plotting againsssst us. We must take extra precautions against this interference!

Place a mark on our emblems on the tavern wall, our cave, and in our shrine beneath the chapel…it will alert our membersss of this treason!

In progress DialogueHurry…and speak to NO ONE. End DialogueI have received news that the firsst part our our plan has been carried out successfully…we have poisoned the guards and taken the sacred stones from the vault..we may need your assssitancccee to coordinate our final attack.

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