Quest Information
Quest giver: GuntherGunther gives

Off To See the Necro
Removing the Taint

Award giver: GuntherGunther rewards after

Removing the Taint

Quest giver location: Spring Village Award giver location: Spring Village
Pre-requirement(s): N/A Needs to be started for: N/A Leads to: N/A Needs to be completed for: N/A
Start DialogueAm I imagining things again? No! You’re flesh and blood! It’s hard to tell who’s who these days. I’m so alone! All my friends, neighbors, family… gone! Every day that passes their faces fade from my memory a little more. Please, help me gather their keepsakes. I can’t bear to let them slip away entirely… In progress DialoguePerhaps having these objects will quiet their cries in my head as well! Look in the houses overgrown by nature. Find anything you can, before these mementos are overtaken and lost forever. End DialogueThis charm! These good folk ran the bakery. And this toy cart! It belonged to my dear neighbor's son! And the statue! These are all more valuable than anyone could ever know. To me, they are lifelines to loved ones long gone. Thank you, stranger. Here, take these...they're the last of the special jars we used to carry the cave's spring water when it was still pure!

Nowadays, the only water that's still untouched is in the old chapel up a ways from here.

Gunther can't stand the thought of forgetting about the people who once lived with him in town. Find 3 keepsakes in the buildings to return to him.
Find 3 keepsakes from the houses for Gunther: A statue, toy cart and wooden charm.
8 Jar
100 Experience

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