Quest Information
Quest giver: Billy The BanditBilly The Bandit gives

Not So Fast!
We'll take that...

Award giver: BillyBilly rewards after

Not So Fast!

Quest giver location: Crossroads Award giver location: Crossroads
Pre-requirement(s):After starting quest We'll take that... or starting quest Jak's Dilemma: Interact with Jaks Loot (NPC).
Complete Jak's Dilemma
Complete We'll take that...
Needs to be started for: N/A Leads to: N/A Needs to be completed for: N/A
Start DialogueDid you really think we’d let you escape from this cave after taking OUR hard won loot? Heh…you’ll be sorry when we sick our attack badgers on you. In progress DialogueDon't think you'll be leaving here alive...our badgers are mighty hungry..heheh. End DialogueWho….who are you?! Nobody’s been able to beat Bitey and Gnasher!

I give up…we’re no match for you…just take our loot and get outta here…we give up!

Billy's attack badgers are blocking the way out! Defeat them and then talk to Billy again to get the loot back to Jak.
Defeat Billy and Louise's pack of ferocious attack badgers and then confront Billy to get the loot back.
1 Jaks Loot
100 Experience
300 Silver

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