Quest Information
Quest giver: CatoraCatora gives

Oak Totem (Quest)

Award giver: CatoraCatora rewards after

Oak Totem (Quest)

Quest giver location: Native Trails Award giver location: Native Trails
Pre-requirement(s):Complete Find The Warden
Complete Jak's Dilemma
Complete Warden deletes after battle quest
Needs to be started for: N/A Leads to: N/A Needs to be completed for: N/A
Start DialogueBefore the renewal of spring, the world must withdraw into the cold cocoon of winter. And before it slips into that deep hibernation, the leaves wither and fall. Autumn is not a death, though. It is the dance of a sputtering candle, or the rush of peace as the world drifts off to sleep. I can capture this essence in a totem of great power, but I will need some very special leaves and a charm. Gather them for me, and the totem will be yours. In progress DialogueBring me 3 strangely colored leaves. You will know them when you see them. Perhaps most importantly, a leaf that glows like the dying light of the autumn sky. And finally, a small charm that you will find in the veil of darkness. End DialogueThese will do. Wait here while I perform the ritual. Take this time to ponder the cycle of the seasons. Our world must sleep so that it can wake up with fresh eyes. An acorn must fall and be buried in the cold ground before it can spring forth as a mighty oak.
Gather the 5 items Catora asks for, then return to her.
Gather the following 5 items

3 strangely colored leafs 1 glowing leaf 1 dark charm

1 Oak Totem

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