Quest Information
Quest giver: KajikaKajika gives

Overrun Storage House

Award giver: KajikaKajika rewards after

Overrun Storage House

Quest giver location: Native Trails Award giver location: Native Trails
Pre-requirement(s):Complete Secure the Guardtower
Needs to be started for: N/A Leads to: N/A Needs to be completed for: N/A
Start DialogueOur tribe has left a large cache of food stores to the west of here, near the edge of the coast and forest. Just recently after the great storm, it's become overrun with pests. I would take care of it myself, but this morning I was bitten by a strange spider, and can barely stand without getting dizzy. Get rid of all of them for me, and you will have my gratitude. In progress DialogueI've asked the elders to request aid from Plimouth, but trying to get an elder to move quickly is like hoping an apple tree will suddenly burst into bloom and drop fruit into your hands in mid winter. End DialogueLoons, just as I suspected. Their foul breath attracts all sorts of small creatures who grow twisted from the toxic fumes...if we had waited much longer then our food stores may have been rendered inedible. You've proven yourself a friend, stranger. My weapons are at your disposal.
The Nantika storage hut is overrun with pests...Kajika would like your help clearing them all out.
Defeat every last monster stowed away in the storage house.
1 Sacred Charm
100 Experience

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