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Item Information
Club poison
Name: Poison Club
Item Type: Weapon
Weapon Type: Club
Level: 32 Buy 160 Gold Sell 40 Silver
Game Description
+26 Att, -5 Acc, +10 Lck, +22 Def, +11% AR

25% chance to stun

Used by soldiers, guards, cannibals, butchers, lumberjacks, and clowns
Can be bought in
World Store
Used by
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Butcher Cir Cir Cir Cir
, Clowns
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Clown St St St St
, Guards
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Guard StSt StSt StSt StStSt
, Soldiers
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Soldier Cir Cir Cir St
, Cannibals
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Cannibal Pos Pos Pos Pos
and Lumberjacks
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Lumberjack Pos Pos Pos Pos
Attack 26
Defense 22
Accuracy -5
Luck 10
Attack Rate 11%
Effect Has a 25% chance to stun [2 turns] target enemy.


Dungeon Location Room Amount Enemy Level Base Drop Rate
Rocky Cave Dungeon Hollow Oak 6 1 Revenant Soldier 24 1.17%

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