Item Information
Musketoon snow
Name: Polar Musket
Item Type: Weapon
Weapon Type: Musket
Level: 76 Buy 570 Gold Sell 50 Silver
Game Description
+106 Att, +91 Acc, +30 Lck, +16% AR
Used by soldiers, spies, hunters, snipers, rangers, and scouts
Can be bought in
World Store
Used by
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Hunter St St StSt StSt
, Rangers
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Ranger StSt StSt StSt StSt
, Scouts
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Scout Cir Cir Cir St
, Snipers
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Sniper StSt StSt StStSt StStSt
, Soldiers
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Soldier Cir StSt Cir Cir
and Spies
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Spy Cir Cir Cir Cir
Attack 106
Accuracy 91
Luck 30
Attack Rate 16%


Dungeon Location Room Amount Enemy Level Base Drop Rate
Normal Isles 090 Snake Island - Normal 5 1 Giant Badger 179 0.49%
Normal Isles 095 Snake Island - Normal 5 2 Stumbling Men 179 0.24%
Normal Isles 150 Lava Island - Normal 5 5 Hungry Men 286 0.09%
Poison Cave Spring Village 6 3 Man Eating Mushroom 69 0.16%

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