Quest Items are items that are either quest rewards or items required in quests. They can be looted, found, bought or received in relation to a certain quest.

List of all Quest Items

Item Description Store Gold Silver Sell value
7th Division Hat An old Fall Soldier hat given by Rockwell. 200
Ancient Coin An ancient coin of pure gold... Looks pretty valuable. Why was a Skookum carrying this? 700
Ancient Tomahawk An old and brittle ceremonial tomahawk. Perhaps it should be placed back where it belongs.
Apple Seed A special quick-growing apple seed given by Johnny in the farmland. Only grows in specially marked soil. Necromancer's shop 100
Beautiful Bee Badge I LOVE ZYZZLE! 50000 50
Black Powder Careful! This stuff is unstable, it could go off at the slightest touch...
Brainless Bat Badge I can't find my batcave. :( 50000 50
Broken Mask A broken ceremonial mask that looks like it was once worn by a priest or shaman.
Brute Crab Shell A large and tough crab shell. 50
Bullying Bison Badge I bully around! 50000 50
Carcinus's Claw You have no idea how you're carrying something this big. 100
Charged Generator Key This item should be used on the Fall Tower basement generator to deactivate it.
Charlie's Hat
Chic Hat A practical necessity for all fashionistas. Laron's outpost 5000 1999
Cursed map Looks like your princess is in another castle. This old pirates map is all that's left of the treasure. 50
Dark Charm Try as you might, you cannot see your reflection in this meticulously cut charm. 75
Dark Cluster This cluster of evil must have been planted in each hive by one of Fetch's minion to put the bees under his influence. 1
Deadly Fangs 1
Diaemus' Corpse The corpse of the deadly Diaemus. 500
Drill Crab Shell 15
Ember's Explosives Highly volatile explosives stolen from Ember's cache...try not to sneeze. 150
Energy Cell A charged energy cell used in Folger's home dynamo. World Store 1
Explorer's Badge A badge given by Lewis that allows access beyond the town gates.
Fall Crest An ancient crest which looks as though it could be fit into a door.
Fall hunter hair this is desc1
Farmlands Supplies Some choice supplies from Farmlands. Yum! Thornroots! 1
Fashionable Cloak This cloak is so fashionable it doesn't have to try anymore. Mummer Camp 5000 2000
Furious Fox Badge Yes, I am furious! 50000 50
Generator Key This item should be combined with 4 energy cells in the dynamo behind Folger.
Ghost's Final Breath The final sigh of a departed spirit. Hard to find, and harder still to capture. 50
Giant Deathcrab Claw The claw from a giant death-crab. 300
Glowing Leaf This leaf glows a bright gold color. You can only guess what kind of tree it's from. 50
Glowing Orb A strange glowing orb, pilfered from the Crab Queen's staff. 100
Gold Key A lavish golden key with a complex set of pins.

It looks like it can only be used sure to pick your next golden chest wisely.

Necromancer's shop 10
Great Skull 1
Green Monster Badge My eyes, where are my eyes? 50000 50
Gull Egg The only thing that could be worse than the smell would be the taste.
Gunman's Corpse The broken bones of the Lone Gunman... They look like they belong as a museum display. 900
Hans' Equipment While you were clearing the woodshed, Hans prepared everything you'll need to repair the Mummer's cart.
Hidden Easter Egg A strange, coloured egg. What sort of monster laid this?! 25
High Quality Steel
Infected Brain The brain of a victim deeply transformed by the hungering sickness...gruesome. 15
Inquisitor's Lockpick Alezio's lockpick. 1 use only.
Intricate Seashell An intricate spiral shell with colorful patterning. 100
Itchy Substance Itch Itch! 5
Jak's Mask A bandit's mask used by Jak during his days as a bandit. Given to you as thanks for helping him find new work.
Jaks Loot A large sack of loot.
Jar A special jar for holding all kinds of things...known to keep the properties of what is kept inside intact. Necromancer's shop 2000
Jar of Royal Jelly Gross. Good thing you had a jar for this stuff.
Jar of Ultra-Pure water This special combination of water looks like it could clear impurities from poison.
Jar with pure water A jar filled with special pure water from the untainted spring.
Jenu Sweat Sweat from a Jenu... Amongst the most pungent of items you could collect. 50
Jewel Encrusted Ring This ring looks so valuable that it might be worth more than you. Good luck trying to find someone to buy it, though. Necromancer's shop 20000 20000
Jingle Bell Golden jingling bells! 2000
Jingling Gift Ho ho ho! 750
Lagwort (1761) This stuff smells awful. Mummer Camp 19999 15000
Lagwort (1764) This stuff smells awful. Swordfish Tavern (Store) 20000 15000
Lagwort (1765) This stuff smells awful. Necromancer's shop 22500 16250
Lagwort (1766) This stuff smells awful. 23000 17000
Lagwort (1767) This stuff smells awful. Laron's outpost 30000 22500
Lagwort (1768) This stuff smells awful. Market 40000 30000
Lagwort (1769) This stuff smells awful. Grisella's shop 43000 30000
Lagwort (1770) This stuff smells awful. Kajika's weapon shop 19980 15000
Lagwort (1771) This stuff smells awful. 99999 75000
Large Claw A large, dangerous-looking claw. 100
Large Fang A large and ferocious-looking fang. 100
Large Hide A large animal hide. 100
Large Spine A deadly-looking spine ripped from a monster. 1
Large Tusk 100
Leg o' Rat Warning! May contain: Rabies, Mange, and Hair. 5 250
Lottery Ticket of Steel You cannot fold this ticket, but maybe you can bend your luck..... 50000
Lower Translatrix Fragment This fragment is covered with local runes.
Machine Oil An oil Folger uses on his rusty contraptions. 5 35
Marble Statue A small marble statue.
Marlin's blade The blade of a swarthy spring looks pretty badly damaged though. 25
Master's Skull The Master's skull, surprisingly well cleaned. 1000
Medium Pouch A medium-sized pouch, heavy and filled with jingling coins. This seems like it would be worth a lot if sold. 5000
Obnoxious Owl Badge Why does nobody like me? 50000 50
Oily Otter Badge Try to grab me! 50000 50
Old Ball An old child's plaything. It probably belongs to one of the children up in town. 1
Old Bones Old bones of questionable origin. 1
Old Cannonball An old cannonball found by the abandoned trenches near the redoubt.
Old Coin An old coin given to you by Stella.
Old Skull 1
Old Spear A spear that looks like it would break if you tried to throw it. It appears this was buried with a warrior long ago.
Orange Herb
Perfect Beholder Eye Yuck! 5000 1500
Pickled Radish At least, you think it was once a radish...the poisoned waters of the old cave have left it pretty funky, if not completely inedible.
Plimouth Supplies Some of Plimouth's supplies. Includes potions and pumpkins 1
Pollen Filled Jar A jar filled with pollen.
Preserved Rose An old rose preserved by the peat bog, scattered from its original spot but surprisingly intact.
Priory Mansion Half-Key A silver key with colorful seasonal symbols embedded within. Thurgood's half to the front door of the mansion.
Priory Mansion Half-Key II The second part of the priory mansion key...rusted and dull from years in the cellar. Dropped by Baron Webb. 1
Puppet Strings The strings of the Puppeteer, nicely held in a sack for your convenience. 800
Pure Jelly A cask of pure jelly. Replacing these in each hive could make

the bees normal again.

Ravenous Raccoon Badge I am like zomgphunk. I eat all the time what is in my reach. 50000 50
Razorclaw's Claw An extremely sharp claw. 100
Robotic Core The internal clockwork of one of Folger's's still humming with energy. World Store 1 50
Rock Solid Badge Hmmmm, not very moved by this one. 50000 50
Rusted Cogs Rusted? Pshaw.
Rusted Pipes There's a chance this might be able to carry water.
Rusty Knife A brittle and rusty knife, which looks like it may have once been used by a great warrior.
Rusty Sword A rusty, utterly useless sword.
Sacred Angel Badge This is very mysterious! 50000 50
Sacred Charm 1
Sacred Coin Badge This is very mysterious! 50000 50
Sacred Compass The greatest treasure of the ancient Plimouth shrine, coveted by the forces of evil. While you hold it in your hand, you can sense the great and timeless power of the seasonal spirits.
Sacred Compass Badge This is very mysterious! 50000 50
Sacred Explorer Badge This is very mysterious! 50000 50
Sacred Fall Badge This is very mysterious! 50000 50
Sacred Lamp An old lamp, caked with rust from disuse.
Sacred Spring Badge This is very mysterious! 50000 50
Sacred Summer Badge This is very mysterious! 50000 50
Sacred Winter Badge This is very mysterious! 50000 50
Saelian's Loot Loot stolen from Captain Reynolds, then by the giant Tsul 'kalu, then by you. 100
Secret Spider Badge What would this secret be? 50000 50
Sharptooth Hide The hide of Acerdentis, freshly skinned. 600
Small Charm 50
Small Claw 15
Small Fang 5
Small Hide A small animal hide. 20
Small Pouch A small pouch that jingles when shaken. It sounds like it'd be worth a lot if sold. 2500
Small Rusty Key An old worn key.
Small Spine A small animal spine. 1
Small Tusk 50
Smelling Salts Smelling salts given by Marylou. Strong enough to wake the dead.
Snuffler Whatever this is, Folger has a use for it. World Store 1
Something Useful It's a thing, and more importantly it's a thing Trade Jake might pay you for.
Spider Emblem 15
Spring Crest An ancient crest that smells like blooming flowers and rain.
Steam Bomb A large bomb created by Folger. Too heavy to use as a practical weapon, but it may have other uses.. 5000
Stolen Easter Egg A strange, coloured egg. What sort of monster laid this?! 10
Strange Statue Badge Who is this? Mona Lisa? 50000 50
Strangely Colored Leaf As though it was covered in oil, this leaf glimmers and glints in the sunlight. Mummer Camp 15 1 50
Stray Feather An old and ancient feather...possibly from a bird of prey.
Sturdy Steel Key A sturdy, intricate key which looks as though it's designed

to break itself after 1 use. Use it wisely.

Necromancer's shop 5000
Summer Crest This crest feels warm to the touch, and smells like a field in mid-summer.
Summer Fields Supplies Summer Fields supplies. 100% Bee-free. 1
Super Shiny Badge Where are my sunglasses? 50000 50
Tattered Cloak
Tattered Seedpouch This old seedpouch looks like it was carried to the grave. Miraculously, no seeds were scattered when it was taken from the grave marker.
Tattered Straw Hat An old straw hat that looks like it was once worn by a farmer.
Tea Leaf A delicate, pleasant smelling leaf. Mummer Camp 10 15
Tenacious Turtle Badge I love the D! 50000 50
Thornroot A spikey, spiney, painful looking weed...the bane of all the Plimouth farmers. 10
Toy Cart An old child's plaything.
Upper Translatrix Fragment The seals of the four seasons are at the top of this fragment.
Vial of Plagued Blood Yuck! 5 100
Vial of Toxin A jar of the Selch Toxin's... Toxins. 1100
Wasp Wings Wings from a wasp-like creature, light but delicate.
Well Water Unpurified well water, refreshing... If you like cholera.
Winter Crest An ancient crest that feels cool to the touch.
Winter Offering A small ceremonial stone that looks like it was once placed inside an altar. 25
Woe's Web A thin and delicately spun web, yet stronger than the strongest steel...this must be the same kind of web used in the priory attic.
Wondering Whippoorwill Badge Wondering what I am, so am I! 50000 50
Yellow Gemstone A glimmering gemstone that glits with the intensity of a summer day.