Quest Information
Quest giver: Leather CrafterLeather Crafter gives

Large Hide (Quest)
Return a Small Hide

Award giver: Leather CrafterLeather Crafter rewards after

Large Hide (Quest)
Return a Small Hide

Quest giver location: Native Trails Award giver location: Native Trails
Pre-requirement(s): N/A Needs to be started for: N/A Leads to: N/A Needs to be completed for: N/A
Start DialogueI specialize in animal hides. If you find a small one for me, I may be able to do something with it. In progress DialogueCome back here if you'd like to turn one of your small hides in for a reward. End DialogueAh, I see you have a small hide on you. I can use this, thank you.
Find and return a small animal hide to the Leather Crafter.
Turn in 1 small hide to the Leather Crafter for a reward.
50 Experience
50 Silver
1 Gold

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