Item Information
Handcannon ruby
Name: Ruby Cannon
Item Type: Weapon
Weapon Type: Hand Cannon
Level: 75 Buy 565 Gold Sell 75 Silver
Game Description
+263 Att, -38 Acc, -15 Agil, +30 Lck, +40% AR
Used by soldiers, cannoneers, clowns, magicians, pirates and shamans (fall)
Can be bought in
Used by
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Clown Cir Cir Cir Cir
, Pirates
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Pirate Cir Cir Cir Cir
, Shamans
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Shaman Neg Neg Cir Neg
(Fall), Soldiers
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Soldier Cir Cir St Cir
, Cannoneers
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Cannoneer Pos Pos Pos Pos
and Magicians
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Magician Pos Pos Pos Pos
Attack 263
Agility -15
Accuracy -38
Luck 30
Attack Rate 40%


Dungeon Location Room Amount Enemy Level Base Drop Rate
Beaten Track Dungeon Summer Fields 3 2 Giant Badger 48 0.25%
Enduring Isles 105 Thorny Island - Endurance 5 2 Selches 244 0.25%
Normal Isles 045 Emerald Island - Normal 5 1 Shadow Man 119 0.50%
Normal Isles 120 God Haven - Normal 5 1 Mistress Woe 216 0.50%

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