Quest Information
Quest giver: Sick FolgerSick Folger gives

Save Folger!

Award giver: Sick FolgerSick Folger rewards after

Save Folger!

Quest giver location: Scrap Yard Award giver location: Scrap Yard
Pre-requirement(s): N/A Needs to be started for:Orange Herb 255
Orange Herb 256
Orange Herb 257
Orange Herb 258
Orange Herb 259
Leads to:An Odd Request
Needs to be completed for:The Dynamo
Start DialogueCough....*wheeeze* traveler! must gather the *cough* orange herbs outside the house...I need them to breathe properly..*cough*.?? In progress Dialogue*cough* *cough*...they shouldn't be too far...just 3 will do. Please hurry!? End Dialogue*cough* Just a moment...??Ahh...much better.. I couldn't get Eureka to understand that these are a natural throat relaxant...she still only has a rudimentary grasp of language comprehension, you see.

When those beasts attacked it sent me into a panic...if it wasn't for Eureka here defending me I'd almost certainly be dead! But that’s not important...what is important is my years of research up in that tower being meddled with by those creatures! Here, take this key...I'll tell you what to do with it in a mo.... *cough* ... well, right after I catch my breath...??

Folger needs special orange herbs that grow outside to slow his breathing. Find 3 before he passes out!
Click on 3 orange herbs outside and return to Folger.
1 Generator Key
100 Experience

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