Sewer Door
Hp Sp Att Def Res Agl Acc Lck
Lowest Level (400) 9999999 100 999 999
Highest Level (400) 9999999 100 999 999
Growth Rate
Attack Rate Season Attack Type
Min Max
60.000 Spring Physical
10000 10000
Weapon strengths/weaknesses[1]
Axe Blowgun Blunderbuss
Bomb 100 Book Bow
Club Cutlass Grenade
Hand Cannon Knife Knuckles
Machete Musket Sickle
Staff Sword Tomahawk
  1. -20 means that the weapon type will deal 20% less damage to this enemy.

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Skill Description Sp Level Min Level Max Cast Condition
Time's Up!
  • Does 250,000% splash damage.
1 400 400 100% chance to use (checks other options first)

Level Exp Hp Sp Att Agl Acc Lck Def Res Base Drop Rate Drop Item Dungeons
400 10000 9999999 100 0 0 0 0 999 999 1Found in: (amount)
Blackwater Sewers (1)

Dungeon Amount Level Min Level Max Exp Avg
Blackwater Sewers 1 400 400 10000

No known loot locations.

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