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Item Information
Bow summer
Name: Solstice Bow
Item Type: Weapon
Weapon Type: Bow
Level: 99 Buy 850 Gold Sell 50 Silver
Game Description
+79 Att, +69 Acc, +30 Agil, +40 Lck, +20 Lck
Used by guards (summer), hunters, snipers, rangers, scouts, hypnotists, and bandits
Can be bought in
World Store
Used by
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Guard Neg Cir Neg Neg
(Summer), Hunters
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Hunter St St StStSt StStSt
, Hypnotists
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Hypnotist Cir Cir Cir Cir
, Rangers
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Ranger StStSt St StSt St
, Scouts
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Scout St Cir Cir Cir
, Snipers
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Sniper StSt St St StSt
, Spies
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Spy Neg Neg Neg Cir
(Winter) and Bandits
Class Spring Summer Fall Winter
Bandit Pos Pos Pos Pos
Attack 79
Resistance 20
Agility 30
Accuracy 69
Luck 40


Dungeon Location Room Amount Enemy Level Base Drop Rate
Enduring Isles 030 Maple Island - Endurance 5 1 Jenu 62 0.38%
Enduring Isles 090 Snake Island - Endurance 5 4 Fog Bound 109 0.09%
Enduring Isles 140 Lava Island - Endurance 5 2 Roaring Boys 216 0.19%
Enduring Isles 170 Winter Way - Endurance 5 4 Skeletal Gunner 318 0.09%
Enduring Isles 180 Skull Island - Endurance 5 4 Jenu 256 0.09%
Normal Isles 070 Ancient Island - Normal 5 1 Spiderling 224 0.38%
Normal Isles 190 Skull Island - Normal 5 4 Stitchlings 258 0.09%

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