Quest Information
Quest giver: StellaStella gives

Missing Husband
Stella's Spiders

Award giver: StellaStella rewards after

Missing Husband
Stella's Spiders

Quest giver location: Plimouth Award giver location: Plimouth
Pre-requirement(s): N/A Needs to be started for: N/A Leads to:A Man of Constant Sorrow
Charlie's Hat (Quest)
Collect Cannonballs
Down by the Sea
Infested Silo
Missing Husband
Overrun Cave
Rusty Swords
Strange Reaction
Needs to be completed for: N/A
Start DialogueI had your keys.

I put them down for just a second, when a little spider came and ran off with them.

He ran into that cellar right there, but I was too afraid to go in by myself.

In progress DialogueMy husband Paul would have taken those spiders in this cellar out in a minute... Unfortunately he's gone missing... End DialogueYou did it? Wonderful!

If you haven’t done so already you should talk to Dalia, the resident healer. She has just informed me that she could really use your skills.

Remove the spider from Stella's Cellar in town and report back to Stella.
Remove the spider from Stella's Cellar in town and report back to Stella.
1 Explorer's Badge
50 Experience
80 Silver
25 Gold

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