In stores you can buy equipment for your character in order to boost its stats. All the items available on the stores can be purchased using some form of in-game currency.


Currency refers to pieces of Gold gold and Silver silver used to buy items from Stores. As it's a lot more scarce, gold can buy unique items such as XP Items and the strongest Weapons. It is also used to unlock new Classes.


Silver can be obtained by finishing quests, selling any loot or weapons, and opening containers. To sell loot, select World Store in the menu and find the sell button above your character.


Gold can be obtained by trading for Kreds;

Kreds Gold Purchased
50 500
110 1,300
225 3,000
1,130 50,000

• By logging in:

  • 1 Gold if you did not log in the day before.
  • 2 Gold if you played the day before, but not the day before that.
  • 3 Gold if you log in (at least) two days in a row.

• By receiving a donation;

• By purchasing some via Credit Card/PayPal;

• By completing free Surveys/Offers;

• By purchasing some with your cell;

(follow this link for a complete list of paying options)

• By opening containers;

• And by completing quests.