Swordfish Tavern Cellar

Swordfish Tavern Cellar

Location: Plimouth
Difficulty: 3
Rooms: 3
Enemies: 39
Battles: 9
Min Experience: 110
Max Experience: 139
Average Enemy Level: 3.769

Reachable from: Leads to: Reachable after: Unreachable after: Item Equipped:
Map Plimouth 0 0 0.png

Start: Complete quest The Tavern's Side Door.
Room 1 Complete quest The Tavern's Side Door.

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Amount Enemy Type Season Attack Type Level Min Level Max Exp Avg
5 Skeletal Cultist (Female) Winter Magical 3 5 2
5 Skeletal Cultist (Male) Winter Physical 3 5 2
16 Spiderling Spring Physical 3 5 2
13 Spring Heeled Rat Spring Physical 4 4 3


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