Quest Information
Quest giver: Pau'gukPau'guk gives

An Odd Request
Hunt For Hungry Men
Learning Herbalism
Strange Scavenger Hunt
The Gas Mask

Award giver: Pau'gukPau'guk rewards after

An Odd Request
Hunt For Hungry Men
Learning Herbalism
Off To See the Necro
Strange Scavenger Hunt
The Gas Mask

Quest giver location: Hollow Oak Award giver location: Hollow Oak
Pre-requirement(s):Complete Wrathful Ragepetal (Quest)
Start Off To See the Necro
Needs to be started for: N/A Leads to: N/A Needs to be completed for: N/A
Start DialogueIn those caves, you will encounter air fouler than the breath of one of my… pets. Unbreathable to say the least. You will need to wear a special mask if you plan on venturing more than a couple feet inside. Bring me 2 intricate seashells, a jar of pure water and five tea leaves, and I will use the components to craft one for you. In progress DialogueYou forgot already? Typical...ok, I'll give you my list ONE more time.

2 intricate seashell, a jar of pure water and 5 tea leaves are what I require to build something for you to enter that cave. Of course, if you don't like my offer you're always welcome to try somewhere else.

End DialogueHmm. Yes. These will do. Have a seat. I won’t need more than a minute to put these together. When I’m done, the mask should filter out even the most toxic of fumes from the air, allowing you to explore that cave without worry.
Pau'guk is willing to craft a breathing mask for you...if you can find the right equipment for him, of course.
2 intricate seashells

1 jar of pure water 5 tea leaves

Gives access to the Poison Cave and to the Summer Fields area.
1 Gas Mask
100 Experience

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