Quest Information
Quest giver: OlihyaOlihya gives

Birch Totem (Quest)
Hops Totem (Quest)
The Cure
The Cure Pt2
The Poisoned Bread

Award giver: AlezioAlezio rewards after

Alezio's Investigation
Sewer Mystery
Stop The Baron!
The Chapel's Trap
The Demon-Toad
The Poisoned Bread

Quest giver location: Plimouth Award giver location: Plimouth
Pre-requirement(s):Complete The Relic
Needs to be started for: N/A Leads to:Alezio's Investigation
Needs to be completed for:The Cultist Robes
Start DialogueI sense dark magic in this emblem... And from bread in this town!

Perhaps some of the people in town are involved. I suggest you start looking near the Tavern, that is where I have sensed the most of the evil. Once you have proof, bring it to Alezio, the local inquisitor.

In progress DialogueWithout knowing where the source of the town's mysterious illness, little can be done to stop it.

Try searching the buildings in the town, especially near the inn.

End DialogueOne of the towns people is causing this? Do you have any proof of your accusations?

... I see. This is a serious matter indeed.

Find the source of the town's mysterious illness, then return to Alezio!
Find the source of the town's mysterious illness, then return to Alezio!
5 Inquisitor's Lockpick
250 Experience
1,000 Silver
1 Gold

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