A totem can be equipped from the items list in your inventory. To unequip a totem replace it with another or use the "unequip all" button.

Sortable list

Item ATT DEF RES AGL ACC LCK Effect Rate Quest Store Gold Silver Sell (Silver)
Angel Totem 50 50 -10%
Baby Bison Totem 1 2 -1 -1 100
Baby Fox Totem -1 -1 5 -3% 100
Baby Owl Totem 1 1 3 1 -4% 100
Baby Raccoon Totem -1 -1 3 3 -3% 100
Baby Turtle Totem 6 5 5% 100
Bat Totem 8 1 3 AoE DamageHas a 50% chance per enemy to do 5% splash damage for [50 turns]. Necromancer's shop 40 42000
Bee Totem RegenerateRegenerate [1%] self for the remainder of combat.
Birch Totem 2
Bison Totem 1 Kajika's weapon shop 3500 450
Bone Totem 20 20 -3 -3 -3 World Store 500
Bull Totem 5 Attack+Has a 35% chance to increase attack [20%/4 turns] self. World Store 300
Cedar Totem 11 World Store 25000 8000
Cocoon Totem 8 8 Immune to StunHas a 25% chance to remove stun effects from self and grant stun immunity [9 turns]. World Store 450
Cycle's Blessing -1 5 4
Death's Head 25 25 25 HP+Fixed hp [500] self.
Death's Horn 10 10 10 HP+Fixed hp [50] self.
Dogwood Totem 5
Empowered Crest 25 HasteHas a 5% chance to hasten [90%/3 turns] self.
Fox Totem 2 2 2
Heartwood Totem Immune to Death / KORemove death/ko effects from self and grant death/ko immunity [98 turns]. World Store 500
Hedgehog Totem Defense+Has a 30% chance to increase defense [30%/9 turns] self. World Store 250
Hickory Totem 7 World Store 22000 7000
Holly Totem 10 100
Hops Totem 5
Ivy Totem 7 World Store 22000 5000
Machine Parts
Mistletoe CharmHas a 5% chance to charm [1 turn] target enemy. 5000
Nightshade Totem PoisonHas a 35% chance to poison [50%/5 turns] target enemy. World Store 500
North Pole -25 -25 -25 -25 -25 -25 -10%
Oak Totem 3 3
Otter Totem 1 1 Immune to SleepRemove sleep effects from self. 100
Peregrine Totem 5 5 HasteHas a 30% chance to hasten [20%/9 turns] self. World Store 325
Raccoon Totem 2 4
Snail Totem 8 SlowHas a 30% chance to slow [25%/10 turns] target enemy. World Store 300
South Pole 25 25 25 25 25 25 15%
Turtle Totem 15 100
Warding Totem 10 Resistance+Has a 25% chance to increase resistance [50%/4 turns] self. World Store 500
Whippoorwill Totem 7 2 100
Willow Totem 11 World Store 32000 6000
Yellowjacket Totem HealHeal [2%] self.

Drop locations

  • Fox Totem: Found in the chest on the top floor of Fall Tower, after Lady Woe battle and clearing the room (Talk to Folger (Scrap Yard) if you cannot access this room)
Dungeon Location Room Amount Enemy Level Base Drop Rate Item
Cenotaph Hollow Oak 5 1 George Reed 35 20.00% Whippoorwill Totem
Enduring Isles 015 Turtle Island - Endurance 1 6 Revenant Brute 16 4.00% Holly Totem
Normal Isles 015 Turtle Island - Normal 1 6 Revenant Brute 16 4.00% Holly Totem
Poison Cave Spring Village 6 1 Death Crab 55 10.00% Turtle Totem
Red Mushroom Spring Village 3 6 Selches 24 5.00% Otter Totem

List of Totems

Item Image Description
Angel Totem Item angeltotem
Baby Bison Totem Totem bison A compact version of the Bison Totem
Baby Fox Totem Totem fox A compact version of the Fox Totem
Baby Owl Totem Totem owl A smaller version of the Owl Totem.
Baby Raccoon Totem Totem raccoon A miniaturized version of the Raccoon Totem
Baby Turtle Totem Totem turtle A miniature Turtle Totem
Bat Totem Totem bat +3 Acc, +1 Agil, +8 Res. Has a 50% chance per enemy per attack to do 5% damage.
Bee Totem Totem bee 'The Humming Worker' - One of the oldest and almost forgotten children of summer who's been slumbering for centuries. Given by Apoidea as thanks for returning her missing eye and defeating the Fetch. Heals user during battle.
Birch Totem Totem birch 'The Bright Gift' - The easiest totem to make and very very common in a world where spirits often threaten.
Bison Totem Totem bison 'The Shattering Hoof' - One of the most common old totems, it is often worn by guards. Increases damage. This one was crafted by Olihya for her brother's shop.
Bone Totem Item oldbones
Bull Totem Totem bison Add a little extra pop to your offense.
Cedar Totem Totem holly Strong as cedar. Increase defense by 11.
Cocoon Totem Totem birch Gives +8 DEF/RES and has a 25% chance on attack to add stun immunity for 10 turns
Cycle's Blessing Item glowingorb “At the cost of some of your attack power, it seems this

blessing from the cycle shrine will protect you from some damage while equipped.”

Death's Head Item oldskull +25 ATT, +25 ACC, +25 LCK

Every hit restores [500] HP.

Death's Horn Item largefang +10 ATT, +10 ACC, +10 LCK

Every hit restores [50] HP.

Dogwood Totem Totem dogwood 'The Keeper Of Secrets' - One of the maiden spirits who serves Spring and is famous for being a wealth of knowledge. Given by the mummer Eyanosa for recovering an unusually rare item. Bonus to resistance.
Empowered Crest Item springcrest Empowered by the forces of Spring...
Fox Totem Totem fox 'The Cunning Grin' - Was being studied by William before the tower fell to invaders. Bonus to intellect.
Heartwood Totem Item woodencharm Made of the heartwood of an ancient tree, holding this makes you feel calm and secure.
Hedgehog Totem Totem raccoon
Hickory Totem Totem birch Increase luck by 7.
Holly Totem Totem holly 'The Horned Guardian' - Traditional protective plant aid to watch over the dark half of the year. Boost to defense.
Hops Totem Totem hops "The Willow Wolf' - A plant used in brewing ale and beloved by the ancient coyote spirit. Bonus to luck.
Ivy Totem Totem holly Increase agility by 7
Machine Parts Item seeds Strange parts from a strange machine...
Mistletoe Totem holly Every attack has a [5%] chance to Charm [1 turn].
Nightshade Totem Totem dogwood
North Pole Item smallcharm -10% AR, -25 to all stats.
Oak Totem Totem acorn 'The Stout Pillar' - A totem crafted by Olihya from the 5 pieces of the ancient oak statue. The most traditional of the summer trees. Bonuses to strength.
Otter Totem Totem otter 'The Joyful Questioner' - One of spring's most beloved children, you've always wondered where to find one of these.
Peregrine Totem Totem whippoorwill The world's fastest bird brings some speed to the fight.
Raccoon Totem Totem raccoon 'The Masked Whisperer' - Rodent associated with shamanism and subterfuge by the old cultures. Given by Radcliff for solving his epic riddle.
Snail Totem Totem turtle Bring the battle down to snail's pace.
South Pole Item smallcharm +15% AR, +25 to all stats.
Turtle Totem Totem turtle 'The Shieldbearer' - Vanished into the sea long ago. Bonus to defense.
Warding Totem Item winteroffering A small stone imbued with the ability to resist magical attacks.
Whippoorwill Totem Totem whippoorwill 'The Watcher at the Gate' - Ground bird able to see the spirits of the dead.
Willow Totem Totem hops There is something magical about the whispy willow tree. Increase resistance by 11.
Yellowjacket Totem Totem bee Infused with the power of the Summer Jewel, this totem is a potent healing force.