Quest Information
Quest giver: Warriors Grave MarkerWarriors Grave Marker gives

Warrior's Requiem

Award giver: Warriors Grave MarkerWarriors Grave Marker rewards after

Warrior's Requiem

Quest giver location: Hollow Oak Award giver location: Hollow Oak
Pre-requirement(s): N/A Needs to be started for:Ancient Tomahawk (Quest)
Old Spear (Quest)
Rusty Knife (Quest)
Leads to: N/A Needs to be completed for:Wrathful Ragepetal (Quest)
Start DialogueYou can just barely make out the passage inscribed on the ancient marker:

“Warriors of old lie in place, their tomahawks, spears and knives embraced. Lest their slumber be disturbed, not a single one is heard.”

In progress Dialogue*You muse over the ancient writings, and observe some of the old weapons strewn about the gravesite…maybe they should all be gathered up and returned to this marker?* End Dialogue*As you place the last keepsake on the marker, you hear a deep and collective sigh seem to rise from the earth. It seems as though these spirits will be able to sleep peacefully now.*
Return the keepsakes to their rightful place.
1 Life Chant (391)
200 Experience
200 Silver
3 Gold

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