Winter Butcher
Winter Butcher
With a variety of blades at their side, high Health Points and lots of damaging abilities, the Butcher can quickly turn enemies into fresh meat.
The essence of winter is control and area of effect attacks.
Usable Inventory
Weapons, Female Head, Male Head, Female Clothing, Male Clothing
Type Hp Sp Att Def Res Agl Acc Lck
Starting Attributes 222 2280 8 5 2 3 6 7
Growth Rate 95 57 80 40 20 30 70 70
Attack Rate: 4.900
Skills (alternatively here)
Weapon Proficiency[1]
Axe Cir Blowgun Neg Blunderbuss Neg
Bomb Neg Book Neg Bow Neg
Club Neg Cutlass Cir Grenade Neg
Hand Cannon Neg Knife StSt Knuckles Neg
Machete St Musket Neg Sickle St
Staff Neg Sword St Tomahawk Neg
  1. Damage modifiers - (StStSt
    = +45%, StSt = +30%, St = +15%, Cir = +0%, Min = -50%, Neg = not usable)