Winter Spy
Winter Spy
Spies are stealthy and agile, focusing on a variety of skills from conceals to counters. They're ill-suited ti fighting alone, but they can wreak havoc with support from their allies.
The essence of winter is control and area of effect attacks.
Usable Inventory
Weapons, Female Head, Male Head, Female Clothing, Male Clothing
Type Hp Sp Att Def Res Agl Acc Lck
Starting Attributes 174 3200 4 5 4 10 5 3
Growth Rate 58 80 35 50 40 95 70 85
Attack Rate: 4.500
Skills (alternatively here)
Weapon Proficiency[1]
Axe Neg Blowgun St Blunderbuss Neg
Bomb Cir Book Neg Bow Cir
Club Neg Cutlass Neg Grenade Cir
Hand Cannon Neg Knife StSt Knuckles Neg
Machete Neg Musket Cir Sickle Neg
Staff Neg Sword Neg Tomahawk Neg
  1. Damage modifiers - (StStSt
    = +45%, StSt = +30%, St = +15%, Cir = +0%, Min = -50%, Neg = not usable)

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